Sakura Japanese lessons

 provides you an efficient private lesson customized to your purpose, level and schedule.

Why do you want to be fluent in Japanese? Are you interested in Japanese culture?  Do you need to use it for work?  Are you a fan of Japanese cuisine? Regardless of your reasons, I would like to help you accomplish your goal.

Each language lessons are carried out by original materials (see the samples) which are made only for you and aligned with your own purpose. 

Cooking class is also available at my place or your place. Let's enjoy experience culture and explore new taste by cooking together with friends, family or colleague. Menu will be determined based on your request ( Vegan people are also welcome). 


Basically, Private Japanese Language tutoring is taken place at my flat located in Central London. You can also take lessons via Skype.


Lessons begin after a FREE consultation. I will first listen to your goals, objectives, level, schedule to design a program to fit you.


Looking forward to talking with you!